VLSI Technology 2015
Conference paper

An InGaAs on Si platform for CMOS with 200 mm InGaAs-OI substrate, gate-first, replacement gate planar and FinFETs down to 120 nm contact pitch

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We report on the first demonstration of ultra-thin body (50 nm), low defectivity 200 mm InGaAs-on-insulator (-OI) fabricated by direct wafer bonding technique (DWB) as well as a replacement gate process for self-aligned fully depleted InGaAs MOSFETs. These combined achievements highlight the viability of our approach for the VLSI integration of InGaAs at advanced nodes. Short channel replacement gate (RMG) and Gate-first (GF) FETs are reported for the first time using InGaAs-OI wafers with a 120nm contact-to-contact pitch. Record ION (118 μA/μm) at fixed operating voltage of 0.5V for InGaAs devices on Si is achieved on 50-nm-Lg RMG FinFETs. Both schemes feature highly scaled fins (down to 15 nm). Compared to a GF integration flow, RMG devices exhibit better Ion and DIBL characteristics. We also demonstrate FETs with 70 nm contacts and 120 nm pitch achieving high-ION.