IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems

Adaptively Controlled Explicit Simulation

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Adaptively Controlled Explicit Simulation (ACES) is a timing simulation methodology for the verification of the transient behavior of integrated circuits. A new adaptively controlled explicit integration approximation is used that overcomes stability problems encountered in earlier explicit techniques. Circuit partitioning is employed, which allows event driven simulation and exploitation of circuit latency. Piecewise linear models are used for nonlinear devices, allowing efficient simulation of MOS, bipolar, and BiMOS circuits. Simulation accuracy in ACES can be varied by controlling the accuracy of either the integration approximation or the piecewise linear device models. With the combination of generality, exploitation of circuit latency, and ability to vary accuracy effectively, ACES provides an efficient environment for transient simulation of integrated circuits and systems. © 1994 IEEE