ECTC 2023
Conference paper

A Scalable Heterogeneous AiP Module for a 256-Element 5G Phased Array

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This paper presents design and integration considerations of a scalable 24-30 GHz 256-element phased array antenna module consisting of four 64-element tiles. We employ a heterogeneous integration approach to enable the effective and efficient integration of multiple ICs, bandpass filters, splitters, combiners, and decoupling capacitors in a multi-layered organic substrate which also integrates the 64 dual-polarized antenna array. The paper introduces and addresses technical challenges that arise in the heterogeneous integration of such large mmWave antenna-in-package (AiP) designs: 1) system architecture and functional partitioning among multiple technologies to enable performance and scalability, 2) design of the power delivery network to reduce supply modulation of mmWave active circuits, and 3) tiling considerations to preserve antenna performance when scaling to large antenna array modules. The proposed heterogeneous integration approach is validated by 360° radiation and beam scan measurements demonstrating beam scan across ±70° in E- and H- planes in both polarizations.