ICMLA 2014
Conference paper

A machine learning approach to combining individual strength and team features for team recommendation

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In IT strategic outsourcing businesses, it is critical to have competent deal teams design competitive service solutions and swiftly respond to clients' requests for proposals. In this paper we present a general team recommendation framework for finding the best deal teams to pursue such engagement opportunities. Little previous work on team recommendations considers both individual and team-level features at the same time. Our proposed framework can take into account diverse individual and team features, and accommodate various cost or feature functions. We introduce a team quality metric based on a weighted linear combination of these features, the weights of which are learned using a machine learning approach by leveraging historical project outcomes. A combinatorial optimization algorithm is finally applied to search the possible solution space for the approximate best team. We report a preliminary evaluation of our framework by applying it to real-world data from strategic outsourcing businesses at a large IT service company. We also compare our approach with other existing work by using the public DBLP dataset for recommending teams in academic paper authoring.