CICC 2011
Conference paper

A 16-Gb/s backplane transceiver with 12-tap current integrating DFE and dynamic adaptation of voltage offset and timing drifts in 45-nm SOI CMOS technology

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This paper presents a 16-Gb/s 45-nm SOI CMOS transceiver for multi-standard backplane applications. The receiver uses a 12-tap DFE with circuit refinements for supporting higher data rates. Both the receiver and the transmitter use dynamic adaptation to combat parameter drift due to changing supply and temperature. A 3-tap FFE is included in the source-series-terminated driver. The combination of DFE and FFE permits error-free NRZ signaling at 16-Gb/s over channels exceeding 30dB loss. The 8-port core with two PLLs is fully characterized for 16GFC and consumes 385mW/link. © 2011 IEEE.