Srikanth Tamilselvam


Srikanth Tamilselvam


STSM and Manager - Hybrid Cloud


IBM Research - India Bengaluru, India


Srikanth Tamilselvam is a Senior Researcher and Manager in the Hybrid Cloud Research department at IBM India Research Labs, Bangalore. Srikanth is responsible for developing innovations that help IBM’s clients to effectively transition to Hybrid Cloud via refactoring and also improve developer experience. Srikanth holds a Masters degree in Computer Science & Technology from Mysore University.

Srikanth joined IBM in 2007. Throughout his career, he has taken up challenges that aims to improve productivity of Developers. He has extensive experience in leading high-value research projects and teams through all the phases of definition, planning, implementation and delivery. He has led multiple projects with global teams to successfully develop and deliver value through fundamentally new solutions, platforms, algorithms and models for Infrastructure Maintenance, Compliance, AI Testing and Application Modernisation. For his contributions, He has been awarded multiple Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA) and Research Division Awards. He is also recognized as an IBM Master Inventor for his contributions to IBM focused patent portfolio and mentorship. So far he have submitted 60+ patents at the USPTO office and has published around 20 referred papers.





Code Representation Learning

An effort to improve the machine learning pipeline for representation learning

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Amith Singhee

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