Kate Soule


Kate Soule


Program Director, Data and Model Factory


IBM Research - Cambridge Cambridge, MA USA


Kate Soule is a Sr. Manager at IBM Research and leads the business strategy for IBM's Exploratory AI research team, including the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. Her team incubates experimental new AI technologies for market impact and manages external co-investment in AI research through the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Membership Program. Prior to working at IBM Research, Kate earned her MBA at MIT Sloan where she researched techniques for communicating AI and ML insights to nontechnical audiences. Her prior work experience includes building and delivering AI solutions for clients as a Senior Consultant within Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations – AI & Cognitive practice. Kate also holds a B.S. in Statistics from Cornell University.




A synthetic data generation service that enables secure and responsible analysis of privacy-sensitive data

Top collaborators

Mikhail Yurochkin

Mikhail Yurochkin

Research Staff Member, Manager, Statistical Large Language Modeling