Geeth de Mel


Geeth de Mel


Manager, Climate and Sustainability | Senior Research Scientist


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Daresbury, England


Geeth is a senior research scientist and a manager based in the UK—IBM Research Europe (UK) has its first presence in the UK through the Hartree Centre collaboration with Science and Technology Facility Council (STFC) in Daresbury.  His research interests are artificial intelligence—especially in Semantic Web technologies—and decision support systems in the presence of (or lack of) dynamicity, trust, and provenance.

He graduated from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and did his postdoctoral work at the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Adelphi, USA, till he joined IBM Research TJ Watson Research Center, Yorktown, USA, in late 2013.  While at the ARL, he focused his research on decision support systems and led the fusion branch's knowledge representation and reasoning work.  At TJ Watson Research Center, he focused on knowledge-based techniques for agile policy frameworks—especially for the Internet of Things paradigm, the semantic interpretation of stream information—especially social media information—to better support information correlations and corroboration, and techniques to incorporate pragmatics of questions to better address the quality of information needs of users based on network quality. Currently, he is the co-Lead for Knowledge Centric Technologies for sustainability strategy and leads efforts on knowledge-driven AI for domain adaption - be it for new material discovery or climate informatics. He also leads a team of researchers in the UK on climate and sustainability related activities to enable organisations to achieve a greener future.



Top collaborators

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Young-Hye Na

Manager & PRSM, Accelerated Discovery of Sustainable Battery Materials