Duygu Kabakci Zorlu


Duygu Kabakci Zorlu


Research Scientist


IBM Research Europe - Ireland Dublin, Ireland


Duygu Kabakci Zorlu is a Research Scientist in AI applications team at IBM Research Dublin. Her primary research area centres around AI model lifecycle management and monitoring. Before joining IBM, she worked as an R&D software engineer at Seven Bridges, specialising in the field of bioinformatics for 4 years. Throughout her career, she has also undertaken software engineering roles in diverse domains, ranging from telecommunications to application development since 2014. Duygu received both her BSc. And MSc. Degrees in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University, with her MSc. thesis focusing on the automating hyper parameter tuning for deep neural networks.


Top collaborators

Bradley Eck

Bradley Eck

Senior Research Scientist & Manager - AI for Sustainable Industry