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    IBM Research – Cambridge

    IBM Research – Cambridge invents next-generation artificial intelligence that underpins many of IBM’s most prominent AI products, including the models that power watsonx. The lab shares space with the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and is located in the heart of one of the world’s most innovative urban districts — Kendall Square. Lab scientists regularly collaborate with leaders in academia from surrounding schools like Harvard and MIT, as well as those from the area’s biotech and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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    These are the researchers, scientists, engineers, and designers who invent what’s next in computing.
    Lisa Amini
    DE, Director - IBM Research Cambridge; AI Automation & Scaling; AIHN
    David D. Cox
    VP, AI Models; IBM Director, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
    Merve Unuvar
    Director, AI Assistants for Business Automation, IBM Research AI
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    The Think Lab at IBM Research - Cambridge

    The Think Lab at IBM Research - Cambridge is the client center for applied AI research. We offer a suite of technical education programs including technical workshops, code tutorials, and seminars featuring technical leads, developer advocates, and researchers. We regularly host speakers from academia, government, and industry, as well as client briefings on new and emerging technologies.

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    MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

    The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, established in 2017, is a collaborative initiative between MIT and IBM Research, dedicated to advancing the field of artificial intelligence. It focuses on groundbreaking AI research and its application to real-world challenges. The lab collaborates with industry partners to apply fundamental scientific discoveries in the business world and beyond.

    The Lab's research portfolio is focused on deep learning methods for processing language and visual information, as well as developing techniques to enhance the efficiency and reliability of large-scale AI systems. A significant aspect of its work involves creating AI solutions for healthcare and various decision-making applications.

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    Training language models to better follow user intentions and make them more truthful


    A synthetic data generation service that enables secure and responsible analysis of privacy-sensitive data

    Generative AI for Sports and Entertainment

    Using large language models to support some of the world’s most prestigious sports and entertainment events

    Digital Labor for Enterprise Automation

    Building a unified Digital Labor platform with conversation, orchestration, and training capabilities.

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    MA 02142

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