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Beth Shean Tour and Dinner
Time: November 18, between 13:30 - 22:00

We will depart from the IBM building at 13:30 and head east through Israel's breadbasket, the beautiful Jezreel Valley on our way to ancient ruins of Beit Shean. Beit Shean has always been a strategically important city due to its location. Today, Beit She'an is a quiet provincial municipality of 17,000. But back in Roman times, it held close to 40,000 residents due to its strategic, fertile, and picturesque location at the crossroads of the Jordan and Jezreel valleys. Archaeological excavations have revealed a continuously occupied site from the Late Neolithic Period (5000) BCE until the early Arab period. In fact, no fewer than 18 cities superimposed upon each other have been uncovered by archaeologists! We will spend time exploring the vast national archeological park with restored ruins of the 7,000-seat Roman theater, Byzantine bathhouse, decorative fountain, colonnaded streets and gladiator amphitheater.

Following our visit, we will head towards the Gilboa Mountain for a fine dining experience. The Gilboa is the site of King Saul's decisive final battle with the Philistines which culminated with his death and the death of his son Jonathan. Following this battle King David ascended to the throne of Israel and launched his dynasty. From the restaurant we will return back to Beit Shean to experience "Nights of Shean", a sound and light spectacular that includes historical presentations as visitors stroll through the streets of the excavated city. From Beit Shean we will return to Haifa and you will be dropped off at your respective hotels around 10 PM.

Student Event
Time: November 17, 19:30

Meetup for students -- Join us for a relaxing evening of beer and refreshments at the local pubs.

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