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IBM Research & CRI

Haifa verification conference 2006

IBM Haifa Labs

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IBM Software Testing Track 2006
October 25, 2006
Organized by IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel


Program PDF version for printing (55 KB)

Advanced Techniques
Session chair: Yaron Wolfsthal, IBM Haifa Labs

09:30 ExpliSAT: Guiding SAT-Based Software Verification with Explicit States,
Sharon Barner, Cindy Eisner, Ziv Glazberg, Daniel Kroening, and Ishai Rabinovitz, IBM Haifa Research Lab

10:00 Evolutionary Testing: A Case Study,
Stella Levin and Amiram Yehudai, Tel Aviv University

10:30 Invited speaker: Dynamic Analysis for Self-Healing Software,
Mauro Pezze, Universita degli Studi di Milano

11:15 Break

Testing Concurrent Software
Session chair: Orit Edelstein, IBM Haifa Labs

11:45 Invited speaker: Transactional Locking,
Nir Shavit, Tel Aviv University and Sun Labs

12:30 A Race-Detection and Flipping Algorithm for Automated Testing of Multi-Threaded Programs,
Koushik Sen, University of California Berkeley, and Gul Agha, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

13:00 Debugging Concurrent Java Programs by Minimizing Scheduling Noise,
Yaniv Eytani and Timo Latvala, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

13:30 Lunch

Testing the Machine in the World
Session chair: Shmuel Ur, IBM Haifa Labs

15:00 Keynote: Testing the Machine in the World,
Michael Jackson, University of Newcastle

16:00 Break

Modeling in Testing
Session chair: Tsvi Kuflik, University of Haifa

16:30 Choosing a Test Modeling Language: A Survey,
Alan Hartman, IBM Haifa Research Lab, and Mika Katara and Sergey Olvovsky, Tampere University of Technology

17:00 Making Model-based Testing More Agile: a Use Case Driven Approach,
Mika Katara and Antti Kervinen, Tampere University of Technology

17:30 Conclusion


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