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Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Systems: Testing, Analysis, and Debugging
July 13, 2010

In conjunction with International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
(ISSTA 2010, July 12-16)
Trento, Italy

Jinx – A Debug Accelerator for Multithreaded Code
By Tom Phillips, CEO, and Peter Godman, VP of Engineering & Founder, from Corensic.

Almost every application built today employs multiple threads of execution so that the logic of these programs can run concurrently. These types of applications often introduce more errors because when application logic runs in parallel, portions of the overall application execute independently of one another. At Corensic, our mission is to build products that help you better understand and safely exploit the full power of your multi-core systems. Our first product is Jinx, a tool that will help you improve the quality of your applications when they are running in a multi-core environment. Jinx makes your code “unlucky” by forcing hard-to-find concurrency bugs to occur with more frequency while you are debugging. It can be integrated into your build and test environments and is designed to improve the debugging experience and increase test coverage for multithreaded software projects. In this session, you’ll learn best practices for building multi-core applications and how to use Jinx to uncover elusive concurrency errors that may occur.

System requirements and Jinx download for the hands-on portion of the tutorial can be found at:

Short Biographies

  • Tom Phillips CEO — 18 years of creating new software businesses and leading engineering teams at Microsoft. Incubated Microsoft’s Enterprise Products Group, which became a $1.5 billion business in less than two years.  Additionally, developed six other software businesses for the company.
  • Peter Godman, VP of Engineering & Founder — Founder. 12 years of industry experience leading development teams. Former Director of Software Engineering at Isilon, led the OneFS distributed file system team.

About Corensic

Corensic’s mission is to build products that help you better understand and safely exploit the full power of your multi-core systems. Our software gives you forensic information on the operation of multi-core applications both at design-time and runtime. Corensic was created as a result of breakthrough research conducted at the University of Washington. Corensic is the exclusive licensee of Deterministic Multiprocessing (DMP), technology that enables today’s multi-core processors to be used in a deterministic manner.  This technology has a wide range of implementation options that enables software to fully exploit the untapped potential of modern microprocessors. The initial Corensic product is Jinx, a software development and testing tool. Future products include interactive asynchronous debugging, application fault avoidance, and system fault tolerance.

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