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Parallel and Distributed Systems:
Testing and Debugging

In conjunction with
International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
July 09, 2007
London, England


Whats New?
PADTAD best paper was awarded to:
Semantics Driven Partial-order Reduction of MPI-based Parallel Programs,
Robert Palmer, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, and Robert M. Kirby School of Computing, University of Utah
The PADTAD 2007 workshop is a full-day event at ISSTA 2007 focusing on techniques and systems that aid in the debugging and testing of multi-threaded/parallel/distributed applications systems. The workshop has a practical and applied emphasis on systems that have been implemented in (at least) prototype form. This workshop concentrates on works whose main contributions are in the field of testing and debugging.

Although debuggers and profilers are the traditional examples of these tools on sequential machines, there are issues unique to Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed systems that are not commonly addressed. Examples of such significant challenges in Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed systems include deadlock, load imbalance, data sharing patterns, race conditions, and contention. In order to find certain classes of bugs in Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications, specific timing conditions are required. As a result, timing bugs are found very late in the testing process or by end users. Many established testing techniques and tools are insufficient for non-sequential programs.

Support for students, especially paper authors, is being provided by our sponsors. For applications, please contact Shmuel Ur.

Accepted papers will be published in a CDROM proceedings and will be included in the ACM Digital Library (just like other ISSTA 2007 papers).

Topics of interest to the workshop include, but are not limited to:
  • Techniques for multi-core processors
  • Techniques for MPI and OpenMP or other library based applications
  • Tools for testing or debugging of Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Test generation algorithms for Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Debugging advanced network interface technologies (e.g., Myrinet, VIA)
  • Debugging and testing Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Testing and Debugging of Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications written using domain-specific languages
  • Using static analysis or formal verification to enhance debugging and testing of Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Formal specification of concurrency libraries, and uses in compliance testing of implementations
  • Detecting race conditions and deadlocks
  • Replay of Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Finding timing bugs early in the process
  • Testing real-time Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Fault injection of Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Testing the fault tolerance of Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Testing and debugging techniques for timing related bugs in hardware
  • Pilots in applying new testing techiniques to Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed applications
  • Multi-threaded/Parallel/Distributed review techniques and review tools



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