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IBM is turning quantum computing from a theoretical concept into machines that are redefining industry and society.

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Research interests:

Open-system dynamics of qubit devices and simulations of such devices (using tensor-network and direct methods).

Applied aspects of quantum device experiments: various approaches to tomography, characterization, and mitigation.

Studying how error correction codes and decoders can be tailored to realistic hardware noise dynamics.

Group theory, quantum circuit synthesis, dynamical decoupling, and optimizations.

Industrial student projects

If you are a student with a relevant background in exact science disciplines and want to hear more about this and other opportunities, please contact us.

High performance C++ solver for qubit dynamics

During 2020-2021, we supervised a yearly project of two students from the School of Electrical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University, in which the students participated in integrating our high-performance C++ solver of qubit dynamics within an open source Python package.


Haggai Landa

Simulations and experiments with IBM Quantum devices

Talk for Weizmann Institute of Science – WIS-Q Quantum Science and Technology seminar, Rehovot, Israel
(June 15, 2022)

Shelly Garion

How can software engineers help building and using quantum computers?

Keynote at the Baot forum for women senior software engineers, data scientists and researchers in Israel at the Classiq offices in Tel Aviv.
(June 13, 2022)

More talks

Haggai Landa
Experimental Bayesian estimation of quantum state preparation, measurement, and gate errors in multi-qubit devices
Talk at the Quantum computing on the cloud, Early Adopters meeting, QEAM21, Bar Ilan University (Sep. 13, 2021)

Haggai Landa
Cloud-based experiments on many-body dynamics with IBM Quantum devices
Talk for APS March meeting 2022, Chicago (March 15, 2022)

Shelly Garion
Experimental implementation of non-Clifford interleaved randomized benchmarking with a controlled-S gate
Talk at the American Physical Society, March meeting
(Mar. 15–19, 2021)

Haggai Landa
Cloud-based experiments on qubit dynamics with IBM Quantum devices
Invited talk at the Israel Physical Society, annual meeting (Feb. 22, 2021)

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