Engage directly with
IBM Research – Israel
and accelerate your path to innovation.

Engage directly with
IBM Research – Israel and
accelerate your path to innovation.


Ways to partner

IBM Research – Israel offers different ways to partner, including industrial projects, internships, grants and fellowships, talks, and more. To learn more, just choose the research area that interests you.

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We’re researching new tools and technologies to boost quality for:  cloud quality, software testing, testing of AI-infused applications, and hardware verification.


Join us in researching security solutions beyond the leading edge, including: Cyber Security, AI Privacy, Privacy Preserving Analytics (using Fully Homomorphic Encryption), and more.


We are turning quantum computing from a theoretical concept into machines that are redefining industry and society.   

AI for Health

We believe in accelerating scientific discoveries in the medical domain using AI-based technology applied to health, chemical, and molecular data, embedded with medical knowledge.

Causal Inference

We’re developing new tools and techniques that can move the decision-making processes from “best guess” to concrete answers based on data.

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Natural Language

We invite you to collaborate with our researchers on a wide range of NLP topics ranging from conversational agents and neural information retrieval to computational argumentation.

Decision Optimization

The infusion of structured methods, such as mathematical optimization and game theory, into decision making processes, thereby using AI to help make better decisions.

Computer Vision

Our research interests include learning with limited labels, cross-domain, self-supervised and multi-modal learning, and modern model architectures. We focus on innovative state-of-the-art research that makes a difference.

Business Process Automation

We are using AI-based automation to improve how data is analyzed, and how the related task and activities are performed within a workflow or system.

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Hybrid Cloud

We’d like to collaborate with you on research for cloud, edge, datacenter, and distributed systems. Some of our expertise delves into fault tolerance, reliability, file and storage systems, and new ways to manage virtualization.

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Working together
with IBM Research - Israel

Our published papers

Our catalog of recent publications authored by IBM researchers, in collaboration with the global research community.


Open positions and internships

Join some of the best scientists from around the world, at IBM Research - Israel. This is a list of the current open positions, including internships and and student opportunities.

Meet our interns

Grants &

IBM supports students in their research, encourages and invites the Fellowship winners to do an internship in order to be better informed with the the research done by the company.


EU funded

IBM Research - Israel is involved in over 30 EU-funded consortiums and conducts numerous joint projects with academic and industrial partners around the world.


Let's talk

University Relations Manager, IBM Research – Israel

University Relations Manager, IBM Israel

You will also find a focal point for each of the research areas. They will be happy to talk with you.