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IBM Research


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IBM University Research and Collaboration

IBM University Research and Collaboration

Working with colleagues in universities around the world

Why IBM for academic research and collaboration?

IBM has a strong tradition of research collaboration with academia. We go beyond the boundaries of our IBM labs to work with colleagues in universities around the world to address global grand challenge problems. We also foster collaborative research related to transformation and innovation of businesses and governments, relationships through fellowships, grants, and funding for programs of shared interest.

University Awards

  • IBM offers awards to support research, curriculum development, and educational assistance in areas of innovation.

Collaborative Research Initiatives

  • The results of these initiatives are freely available. Use the research principles and examples to jump-start your own projects.

Centers for Advanced Studies

  • Programs at these worldwide centers foster the exchange of academic research and real-world industry challenges.

IBM Research

  • IBM Research labs around the world work with universities in collaborative relationships and regularly publish the results.