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IBM Scientists Achieve Storage Memory Breakthrough
Running an experiment in the IBM Quantum Experience
Journey into the human brain

IBM Research Features

Microelectronics thumbnail

Taking microelectronics research to the atomic size future and beyond

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Career spotlight: Meet Cindy Eisner, cyber-detective

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Bot with wooden body keeps lectures lively

Inside IBM Research

IBM Accessibility

  • IBM CAO Frances West

    Accessibility at IBM means enabling IT hardware, software and Web application products so they can be used by more people.

IBM Journal of R&D

  • RD Journal November Issue

    The IBM Journal of Research and Development is a peer-reviewed technical journal, published bimonthly, which features the work of authors in the science, technology and engineering of information systems.

Ponder This

  • Ponder This

    Are you a professional problem solver? If so, we invite you to submit your Ponder This solution. If you're successful, we'll post your name to the list of people who answered correctly.

Smarter Energy Research Institute

  • SERI thumbnail

    The energy domain is at an inflection point with the convergence of multiple disruptive trends. In response to new challenges, data and analytics will transform the energy industry.