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VoIP performance on multicore platforms

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Media infrastructures, such as high-end media gateways and media servers, are usually designed and implemented as customized platforms. These infrastructures are the key underlying components of the next-generation network (NGN). The customized architectural design of such infrastructures is generally associated with high cost and decreased flexibility for deploying and operating the NGN. As multicore-processor computing-system technology continues to improve, telecommunication infrastructures that make use of commercial multicore information technology (IT) platforms are becoming important topics for research. Although such infrastructures provide flexible and extensible telecommunication operation solutions at potentially low cost, such solutions must address the computation and networking performance challenges that result from commercial IT system architecture and system software. In this paper, we study Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) workloads, which are important for media infrastructures. The VoIP traffic was benchmarked using multiple advanced multicore platforms. We analyzed and evaluated the workload behavior of the VoIP traffic, along with various computation and network-accelerating technology. ©Copyright 2010 by International Business Machines Corporation.


01 Jan 2010


IBM J. Res. Dev