LREC 2022
Conference paper

Universal Proposition Bank 2.0

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Semantic role labeling (SRL) represents the meaning of a sentence in the form of predicate-argument structures. Such shallow semantic analysis is helpful in a wide range of downstream NLP tasks and real-world applications. As treebanks enabled the development of powerful syntactic parsers, high-quality training data in the form of propbanks is crucial to build models for accurate predicate-argument analysis. Unfortunately, most languages simply do not have corresponding propbanks due to the high cost required to construct such resources. To overcome such challenges, we released Universal Proposition Bank 1.0 (UP1.0) in 2017, with high-quality propbank data generated via a two-stage method exploiting monolingual SRL and multilingual parallel data. In this paper, we introduce Universal Proposition Bank 2.0 (UP2.0), with significant enhancements over UP1.0, including: (1) propbanks with higher quality by using a state-of-the-art monolingual SRL and improved auto-generation of annotations; (2) expanded language coverage (from 7 to 23 languages); (3) span annotation for the decoupling of syntactic analysis; and (4) gold data for a subset of the languages. We also share our experimental results that confirm the significant quality improvements of the generated propbanks. In addition, we present a comprehensive experimental evaluation on how different implementation choices impact the quality of the resulting data. We release these resources to the research community and hope to encourage more research on cross-lingual SRL.