APS March Meeting 2023

Towards Si finFET quantum devices with reproducible behavior

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Hole spin qubits in Si finFETs show great promise for a quantum computing platform exhibiting fast and all electrical qubit control, even when operated at temperatures above 1K. While charge noise affects all platforms, disorder is one of the main limitations in current Si-MOS qubit technology. Here, we present our work towards reducing disorder and trapped charges by investigating material stacks utilizing Hall bar and percolation density measurements. Additionally, fabricating quantum dot devices with ultra-small gate length and pitch will enable a path towards mitigating disorder. We show Si finFET quantum dot devices exhibiting sub 20 nm gate lengths with a small pitch, fabricated utilizing high-resolution e-beam lithography. The quality of quantum dot formation is assessed through transport measurement, dispersive sensing, and charge sensing. The results give insights into the gate stack and fin shape optimization.