SCC 2021
Conference paper

Toward an Enterprise-ready Composable Infrastructure as a Service


A composable infrastructure is defined as resources, such as compute, storage, accelerators, and networking, that are shared in a pool and grouped in various configurations to meet business services requirements. In this paper we explore how to use the composable infrastructure as a service (CIaaS), to innovate and research in system and software design. Experimentation early in the software and hardware design cycle can provide insights to improve performance, reliability, etc. The goal of the composable service is to give developers a platform for experimentation. Systems evolve quickly, with innovations such as System on a Chip (SOC), and new accelerator types. HPC and AI workloads put pressure on designers to develop quickly yet meet business and performance goals. This paper details the design of an enterprise composable infrastructure service and outlines two use cases for applying services offered by the CIaaS.