SPIE Optics, Electro-Optics, and Laser Applications in Science and Engineering 1991
Conference paper

Time development of AlGaAs single-quantum-well laser facet temperature on route to catastrophical breakdown


The facet temperature and output power of uncoated AlGaAs single quantum well lasers operated at constant current were measured as a function of time until catastrophical breakdown. During operation, the laser facet temperature increases with time and the temperature rise consists of two regimes; an initial linear temperature rise accompanied by a gradual power degradation followed by a rapid nonlinear temperature rise at what appears to be a critical temperature leading to catastrophical optical damage (COD). The pre- COD facet temperature rise rate as well as the time to COD are found to have a strong dependence on the diode's bias current. This facet temperature behavior plus the data obtained from an argon laser probe beam induced heating experiment provide valuable information regarding the mechanisms leading to COD.