Physical Review B

Theory of valence-band Auger spectra: GaAs(110)

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In order to establish the utility of Auger line-shape analysis as a probe of local electronic structure at surfaces, we propose the study of GaAs(110) 1 × 1. This surface is of interest because extensive theoretical studies of GaAs band structure, both bulk and surface, are available, because the 1 × 1 nature of this surface's "reconstruction" permits a relatively unambiguous determination of its atomic geometry, and because the local densities of states (LDOS's) on the Ga and As atoms are very different. We calculate the Ga and As M1M4,5V and M2,3M4,5V Auger line shapes for GaAs(110) and show that they differ considerably from one another, reflecting the differing angular-momentum compositions of the Ga and As LDOS's and the facts that valence s-electron emission is favored in the M1M4,5V case while s- and p-electron emission are roughly equally weighted in the M2,3M4,5V lines. © 1977 The American Physical Society.


15 Dec 1977


Physical Review B