Journal of Lightwave Technology

Technology Development of a High-Density 32-Channel 16-Gb/s Optical Data Link For Optical Interconnection Applications for the Optoelectronic Technology Consortium (OETC)

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A parallel, 32-channel, high density (140 μm pitch), 500 Mb/s NRZ, point-to-point, optical data link has been fabricated using existing GaAs IC, silicon optical bench (SiOB), and multichip module (MCM-D) technologies. The main components of the transmitter and the receiver modules are a GaAs-based vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) array at 850 nm with its IC driver array chip and an integrated metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) receiver (photodetector and signal processing circuits) array at 850 nm. The package module uses a modified 164 I/O JEDEC premolded plastic quad flat pack (PQFP) in combination with a polymer film integrated circuit (POLYFIC) chip carrier. The electrical input and output are 500 Mb/s NRZ binary signals. The optical I/O in both modules consists of a directly-connectorized (nonpigtail) fiber array block that plugs into the 32 × 1 optical fiber ribbon directly on one side and accepts 32 optical signals from the SEL array or delivers them to the MSM receiver array via a gold-coated 45° polished fiber array mirror. The MACII-32 ribbon cable is an enhanced version of the standard MACIITM connector ribbon cable. This paper characterizes key components of the optical data link, describes its package design, and discusses preliminary component and optical data link test results. © 1995 IEEE