IBM J. Res. Dev

Smarter learning content management using the Learning Content Hub

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The education sector is experiencing an unprecedented shift in how students learn and progress through their education. With the large amounts of digital learning content available, teachers are increasingly turning to sources such as online tutorials and eBooks for their teaching needs. Schools often make use of a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to store learning material, which is catalogued based on the curriculum followed in the school. However, the amount of content indexed in the LCMS is often limited by the ability to manually label and catalogue content. In this paper, we describe our LCMS called the Learning Content Hub (LCH), which not only offers the features of a traditional LCMS including document search and retrieval, document security, user role management, etc., but also provides the ability to automatically analyze and label documents. LCH provides a framework for easily extending the analytics support and exposes application programming interfaces that can be used to build custom education applications for which the content needs can be met using the LCH. We discuss experimental results of the analyzers in our system as well as our experience of deploying this system in a U.S. school district.