Conference paper

SLA management in clouds


The need for online storage and backup of data constantly increases. Enterprises from different domains, such as media and telco operators, would like to be able to store large amounts of data which can then be made available from different geographic locations. The Cloud paradigm allows for the illusion of unlimited online storage space, hiding the complexity of managing a large infrastructure from the end users. While Storage Cloud solutions, such as Amazon S3, have already met with success, more fine-grained guarantees on the provided QoS need to be offered for their larger uptake. In this paper, we address the problem of managing SLAs in Storage Clouds by taking advantage of the content terms that pertain to the stored objects thus supporting more efficient capabilities, such as quicker search and retrieval operations. A system that better captures the content of the signed SLAs is very useful, as the benefits in terms of reducing the management overhead while offering better services are potentially significant.