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Scalable, efficient ASICS for the square kilometre array: From A/D conversion to central correlation

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The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a future radio telescope, currently being designed by the worldwide radio-astronomy community. During the first of two construction phases, more than 250,000 antennas will be deployed, clustered in aperture-array stations. The antennas will generate 2.5 Pb/s of data, which needs to be processed in real time. For the processing stages from A/D conversion to central correlation, we propose an ASIC solution using only three chip architectures. The architecture is scalable - additional chips support additional antennas or beams - and versatile - it can relocate its receiver band within a range of a few MHz up to 4GHz. This flexibility makes it applicable to both SKA phases 1 and 2. The proposed chips implement an antenna and station processor for 289 antennas with a power consumption on the order of 600W and a correlator, including corner turn, for 911 stations on the order of 90 kW. © 2014 IEEE.