Physical Review B

Resonance Raman studies in Cu2O. II. The yellow and green excitonic series

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Resonant Raman scattering of multiphonon modes has been studied in Cu2O in the region of its yellow and green excitonic series. Resonant enhancements of a large number of Raman modes have been observed. The experimental results have been interpreted quantitatively in terms of three kinds of exciton-phonon scattering processes: (i) intra-yellow-exciton scattering-depending on the energy of the yellow exciton, the phonons involved are the infrared active Γ15- (660 cm-1) or the Γ12- (109 cm-1) and Γ15- (154 cm-1) modes; (ii) interexciton scattering between the 2P green exciton state and yellow excitons continuum-the phonon responsible for this scattering process is the high-energy Γ15- mode; and (iii) intra-green-exciton scattering-only the low-energy Γ15- mode is involved. From these results a detailed picture of the relaxation mechanisms of the yellow and green excitons in Cu2O by emission of phonons is obtained. © 1978 The American Physical Society.


15 May 1978


Physical Review B