International SAMPE Electronics Conference 1989
Conference paper

Recent advances in high temperature polymers for microelectronic applications


This paper describes research concerned with the synthesis and properties of a variety of new materials based on polyphenylquinoxalines, polyquinoxalones, polybenzoxazoles and polyimide random copolymers containing phenylquinoxaline and benzoxazole moieties. The synthesis of NMP processable phenylquinoxaline and benzoxazole based poly(aryl ethers) was carried out using a novel heterocyclic activated fluoro displacement by bisphenoxides, affording high Tg, melt and solvent processable polymers with tough, ductile mechanical properties. Heterocyclic activated ether synthesis was used to prepare phenylquinoxaline and benzoxazole containing diamines which were used in conventional polyimide syntheses, yielding random copolymers which showed moduli comparable to PMDA/ODA polyimide and elongations ranging from 60-120%. Polyquinoxalones were synthesized by the step-growth polymerization of bis(keto esters) with bis(o-diamines) and represent a new class of linear polyquinoxalines. The thermal and mechanical properties were evaluated for many of these polymers, and were found to be comparable to polyimides.