Nature Biomedical Engineering

Quantitative microimmunohistochemistry for the grading of immunostains on tumour tissues

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Immunohistochemistry is the gold-standard method for cancer-biomarker identification and patient stratification. Yet, owing to signal saturation, its use as a quantitative assay is limited as it cannot distinguish tumours with similar biomarker-expression levels. Here, we introduce a quantitative microimmunochemistry assay that enables the acquisition of dynamic information, via a metric of the evolution of the immunohistochemistry signal during tissue staining, for the quantification of relative antigen density on tissue surfaces. We used the assay to stratify 30 patient-derived breast-cancer samples into conventional classes and to determine the proximity of each sample to the other classes. We also show that the assay enables the quantification of multiple biomarkers (human epidermal growth factor receptor, oestrogen receptor and progesterone receptor) in a standard breast-cancer panel. The integration of quantitative microimmunohistochemistry into current pathology workflows may lead to improvements in the precision of biomarker quantification.