Physical Review A

Procedure for systematically tuning up cross-talk in the cross-resonance gate

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We present improvements in both theoretical understanding and experimental implementation of the cross resonance (CR) gate that have led to shorter two-qubit gate times and interleaved randomized benchmarking fidelities exceeding 99%. The CR gate is an all-microwave two-qubit gate that does not require tunability and is therefore well suited to quantum computing architectures based on two-dimensional superconducting qubits. The performance of the gate has previously been hindered by long gate times and fidelities averaging 94-96%. We have developed a calibration procedure that accurately measures the full CR Hamiltonian. The resulting measurements agree with theoretical analysis of the gate and also elucidate the error terms that have previously limited gate fidelity. The increase in fidelity that we have achieved was accomplished by introducing a second microwave drive tone on the target qubit to cancel unwanted components of the CR Hamiltonian.


24 Jun 2016


Physical Review A