FDG 2020
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Procedural generation using quantum computation

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Quantum computation is an emerging technology that promises to be a powerful tool in many areas. Though some years likely still remain until significant quantum advantage is demonstrated, the development of the technology has led to a range of valuable resources. These include publicly available prototype quantum hardware, advanced simulators for small quantum programs and programming frameworks to test and develop quantum software. In this provocation paper we seek to demonstrate that these resources are sufficient to provide the first useful results in the field of procedural generation. This is done by introducing a proof-of-principle method: a quantum generalization of a blurring process, in which quantum interference is used to provide a unique effect. Through this we hope to show that further developments in the technology are not required before it becomes useful for procedural generation. Rather, fruitful experimentation with this new technology can begin now.


15 Sep 2020


FDG 2020