SSDBM 2023
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Privacy-Preserving Redaction of Diagnosis Data through Source Code Analysis

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Protecting sensitive information in diagnostic data such as logs, is a critical concern in the industrial software diagnosis and debugging process. While there are many tools developed to automatically redact the logs for identifying and removing sensitive information, they have severe limitations which can cause either over redaction and loss of critical diagnostic information (false positives), or disclosure of sensitive information (false negatives), or both. To address the problem, in this paper, we argue for a source code analysis approach for log redaction. To identify a log message containing sensitive information, our method locates the corresponding log statement in the source code with logger code augmentation, and checks if the log statement outputs data from sensitive sources by using the data flow graph built from the source code. Appropriate redaction rules are further applied depending on the sensitiveness of the data sources to preserve the privacy information in the logs. We conducted experimental evaluation and comparison with other popular baselines. The results demonstrate that our approach can significantly improve the detection precision of the sensitive information and reduce both false positives and negatives.


10 Jul 2023


SSDBM 2023