Physical Review Letters

Phase-Driving Hole Spin Qubits

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The spin-orbit interaction in spin qubits enables spin-flip transitions, resulting in Rabi oscillations when an external microwave field is resonant with the qubit frequency. Here, we introduce an alternative driving mechanism mediated by the strong spin-orbit interactions in hole spin qubits, where a far-detuned oscillating field couples to the qubit phase. Phase-driving at radio frequencies, orders of magnitude slower than the microwave qubit frequency, induces highly nontrivial spin dynamics, violating the Rabi resonance condition. By using a qubit integrated in a silicon fin field-effect transistor, we demonstrate a controllable suppression of resonant Rabi oscillations and their revivals at tunable sidebands. These sidebands enable alternative qubit control schemes using global fields and local far-detuned pulses, facilitating the design of dense large-scale qubit architectures with local qubit addressability. Phase-driving also decouples Rabi oscillations from noise, an effect due to a gapped Floquet spectrum and can enable Floquet engineering high-fidelity gates in future quantum processors.