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OOLAM: An opinion oriented link analysis model for influence persona discovery

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Social influence is a complex and subtle force that governs the dynamics of social networks. In the past years, a lot of research work has been conducted to understand the spread patterns of social influence. However, most of approaches assume that influence exists between users with active social interactions, but ignore the question of what kind of influence happens between them. As such one interesting and also fundamental question is raised here: "in a social network, could the social connection reflect users' influence from both positive and negative aspects?". To this end, an Opinion Oriented Link Analysis Model (OOLAM) is proposed in this paper to characterize users' influence personae in order to exhibit their distinguishing influence ability in the social network. In particular, three types of influence personae are generalized and the problem of influence persona discovery is formally defined. Within the OOLAM model, two factors, i.e., opinion consistency and opinion creditability, are defined to capture the persona information from public opinion perspective. Extensive experimental studies have been performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach on influence persona analysis using real web data sets. Copyright 2011 ACM.


14 Mar 2011


WSDM 2011