ICEIS 2017
Conference paper

Multiple-perspective visual analytics for GRC platforms

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GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) data is voluminous and highly interrelated, yet sparsely populated. This fact represents one of the biggest challenges when creating visualizations for such datasets: the data does not align well in a tabular structure typically used to populate displays and reports. GRC Platforms provide reporting capabilities and data visualization techniques to summarize data, yet most common GRC visualizations are restricted to certain inflexible perspectives, e.g., Risk Matrix. This work presents a Visual Analytics system that provides multiple visual perspectives over GRC data. The evaluation of the system involved four GRC specialists. The results show that the multiple perspectives approach supports the summarization of different portions of the GRC data, especially regarding business process and business entity taxonomies, and risk/control relationships. The results provide useful insights for specialists working to explore and summarize GRC data and to integrate Visual Analytics Systems with GRC platforms. In addition, the multiple-perspective approach presented could also be applied in systems sharing the same data structure GRP Platforms use.