IAAI 2024
Conference paper

Multi-Stage Prompting for Next Best Agent Recommendations in Adaptive Workflows


Traditional business processes such as loan processing, order processing, or procurement have a series of steps that are pre-defined at design and executed by enterprise systems. Recent advancements in new-age businesses, however, focus on having adaptive and ad-hoc processes by stitching together a set of functions or steps enabled through autonomous agents. Further, to enable business users to execute a flexible set of steps, there have been works on providing a conversational interface to interact and execute automation. Often, it is necessary to guide the user through the set of possible steps in the process (or workflow). Existing work on recommending the next agent to run relies on historical data. However, with changing workflows and new automation constantly getting added, it is important to provide recommendations without historical data. Additionally, hand-crafted recommendation rules do not scale. The adaptive workflow being a combination of structured and unstructured information, makes it harder to mine. Hence, in this work, we leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) to combine process knowledge with the meta-data of agents to discover NBAs specifically at cold-start. We propose a multi-stage approach that uses existing process knowledge and agent meta-data information to prompt LLM and recommend meaningful next best agent (NBA) based on user utterances.