IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems

M3-A Multilevel Mixed-Mode Mixed A/D Simulator

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This paper describes a unified multilevel mixed-mode simulation capability for mixed analog/digital integrated circuits. First, a methodology for describing arbitrary analog or mixed analog/digital blocks at the behavioral level is proposed. In order to verify such models, a verification tool has been developed. In the special cases of analog filters described as Laplace transforms or in the z-domain, the generation of correct-by-construction time-domain models conforming to the above methodology has been automated. The tools modgens and modgenz convert transfer functions H(s) and H(z), respectively, into state space representations in the time domain and generate behavioral models. Thus, the methodology allows digital, analog, and mixed analog/digital subcircuits to be described at various levels, among them the behavioral, functional, cell, and transistor levels. While the analog portions of the circuit are simulated with high accuracy, the digital portions can be simulated in various modes. Simulation is event-driven. For the behavioral analog models, block elimination with unique reordering and pivoting techiques are used to accommodate state variables. This capability has been integrated into the MOTIS3 design verification system. The simulation of representative mixed analog/digital simulation examples is described. © 1992 IEEE