Data in Brief

Micro-computed tomography of sandstone rocks: Raw, Filtered and Segmented datasets

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High-resolution computed micro-tomography is an important area of science, which correlates well with several experimental methodologies and serves as a basis for advanced computational physics studies, in which high-resolution images are used as input to different scientific simulation models. The dataset presented herein includes (raw) grayscale images obtained using the Bruker Skyscan 1272 X-Ray tomograph; filtered images acquired through contrast enhancement and noise reduction filters; and segmented images obtained by using the IsoData segmentation method. All images have a resolution of 2.25 μm (isometric voxels) and size of 1000^3 voxels. Finally, experimentally determined porosity and permeability data are provided for the same set of sandstone rocks, as they are essential for researchers interested in using this data set for image analysis and computational fluid dynamics.