MM 2005
Conference paper

Joint visual-text modeling for automatic retrieval of multimedia documents

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In this paper we describe a novel approach for jointly modeling the text and the visual components of multimedia documents for the purpose of information retrieval(IR). We propose a novel framework where individual components are developed to model different relationships between documents and queries and then combined into a joint retrieval framework. In the state-of-the-art systems, a late combination between two independent systems, one analyzing just the text part of such documents, and the other analyzing the visual part without leveraging any knowledge acquired in the text processing, is the norm. Such systems rarely exceed the performance of any single modality (i.e. text or video) in information retrieval tasks. Our experiments indicate that allowing a rich interaction between the modalities results in significant improvement in performance over any single modality. We demonstrate these results using the TRECVID03 corpus, which comprises 120 hours of broadcast news videos. Our results demonstrate over 14% improvement in IR performance over the best reported text-only baseline and ranks amongst the best results reported on this corpus. Copyright © 2005 ACM.