IEEE Transactions on Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Part B

Integrated Flex: Rigid-Flex Capability in a High Performance MCM

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This paper Will review a High Performance Carrier (HPC) technology which provides high wireability, high performance, and high I/O capability at an affordable cost per unit function and performance. HPC is an extremely versatile interconnection technology which is suitable for a broad range of applications. HPC utilizes a fluoropolymer-based insulator material to provide high performance electrical and mechanical characteristics, as well as a unique composite layer-joining process to enhance wireability, design flexibility, and composite yield. HPC technology can also provide integration of carrier, flex cables and connector into a single structure: cables are essentially the continuation of ‘long’ cores which extend beyond the laminated carrier region. This eliminates the need for mechanical or soldered interconnections at the cable-carrier interface, reducing interconnection distances and eliminating impedance discontinuities between the cable and carrier. I/O capability is drastically increased over conventional technologies. Cables can extend from any or all 4 edges of the carrier, providing a whole new realm of possibilities for interconnection of system packaging components, such as SCM’s, MCM’s, printed wiring boards, and switching networks. Three dimensional and folding third level packaging designs are also facilitated. This paper will give an overview of the HPC technology, and will discuss design, performance, reliability, and process aspects of Integrated Flex in detail. © 1995 IEEE