APS March Meeting 2021

High speed calibration and characterization of superconducting qubits without qubit reset

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To Characterize and calibrate quantum processing devices a large amount of measurement data has to be collected. Active qubit reset increases the speed at which data can be gathered but requires additional hardware and/or calibration. We present a methodology to collect data from superconducting qubits using a highly elevated measurement rate by omitting the qubit reset mechanism. We extend the ‘restless measurement’ method - first presented by Rol. et al. - to general characterization measurements such as Rabi oscillations and Randomized Benchmarking performed at up to a 250-fold increased repetition rate. The method is applicable to any qubit architecture that relies on ground-state initialization. We are convinced that this novel technique is of high importance, as calibration of quantum computing systems relies heavily on measurements which contribute significantly to the total operation time. *This work was supported by the European Commission Marie Curie ETN QuSCo (Grant Nr. 765267), the IARPA LogiQ program under contract W911NF-16-1-0114-FE and the ARO under contract W911NF-14-1-0124.


15 Mar 2021


APS March Meeting 2021