Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization

Fast pattern-specific routing for fat tree networks

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In the context of eXtended Generalized Fat Tree (XGFT) topologies, widely used in HPC and datacenter network designs, we propose a generic method, based on Integer Linear Programming (ILP), to efficiently determine optimal routes for arbitrary workloads. We propose a novel approach that combines ILP with dynamic programming, effectively reducing the time to solution. Specifically, we divide the network into smaller subdomains optimized using a custom ILP formulation that ensures global optimality of local solutions. Local solutions are then combined into an optimal global solution using dynamic programming. Finally, we demonstrate through a series of extensive benchmarks that our approach scales in practice to networks interconnecting several thousands of nodes, using a single-threaded, freely available linear programming solver on commodity hardware, with the potential for higher scalability by means of commercial, parallel solvers. © 2013 ACM.