IEEE Electron Device Letters

Experimental High Performance Sub-0.1 μm Channel nMOSFET's

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Very high performance sub-0.1μm channel nMOSFET's are fabricated with 35 Å gate oxide and shallow source-drain extensions. An 8.8-ps/stage delay at V dd= 1.5 V is recorded from a 0.08 Eμm channel nMOS ring oscillator at 85 K. The room temperature delay is 11.3 ps/stage. These are the fastest switching speeds reported to date for any silicon devices at these temperatures. Cutoff frequencies (fT) of a 0.08-µm channel device are 93 GHz at 300 K, and 119 GHz at 85K, respectively. Record saturation transconductances, 740 mS/mm at 300 K and 1040 mS/mm at 85 K, are obtained from a 0.05-μm channel device. Good subthreshold characteristics are achieved for 0.09 µm channel devices with a source-drain halo process. © 1994 IEEE