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Epitaxial Dy2O3 thin films grown on Ge(100) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy

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Dysprosium oxide (Dy2O3) films are grown epitaxially on high mobility Ge(100) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy system. Reflection high energy electron diffraction patterns and X-ray diffraction spectra show that single crystalline cubic Dy2O3 films are formed on Ge(100) substrates. The epitaxial-relationship is identified as Dy 2O3 (110) || Ge(100) and Dy2O3 [001] || Ge[011]. Atomic force microscopy results show that the surface of the Dy2O3 film is uniform, flat and smooth with root mean square surface roughness of about 4.6Å. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy including depth profiles confirms the composition of the films being close to Dy2O3. TEM measurements reveal a sharp, crystalline interface between the oxide and Ge. © 2010 Materials Research Society.