Computers and Biomedical Research

ECG waveform analysis by significant point extraction. I. Data reduction

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We present a new technique for automatic data reduction and pattern recognition of time-domain signals such as electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms. Data reduction is important because only a few significant features of each heart beat are of interest in pattern analysis, while the patient data collection system acquires an enormous number of data samples. We present a significant point extraction algorithm, based on the analysis of curvature, that identifies data samples that represent clinically significant information in the ECG waveform. Data reduction rates of up to 1 : 10 are possible without significantly distorting the appearance of the waveform. This method is unique in that common procedures help in both data reduction as well as pattern recognition. Part II of this work deals specifically with pattern analysis of normal and abnormal heart beats. © 1987.


01 Jan 1987


Computers and Biomedical Research