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Doctor for Machines: A Failure Pattern Analysis Solution for Industry 4.0

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The success of IoT depends on our ability to solve challenging problems which were previously infeasible. One of the most critical challenges in IoT space is the preventive maintenance in industrial manufacturing processes to maximize equipment availability and durability. Traditionally, preventive management only follows less cost-effective strategies, say time or usage based management. With large amount sensor data harvested from IoT, we can develop much more intelligent predictive maintenance based on accurate machinery failure prediction. In this paper, we develop a framework named DoM (Doctor for Machines) to produce the best predictive model for several oil and gas industry engagements. Our framework is built in the form of pipeline that allows us to generate multiple models simultaneously with parallel computing. We configure the modeling process by assigned different machine learning tasks as such sampling, feature extraction, modeling, and post-processing into the pipeline. The pipeline forms a machine learning graph workflow. With the automation of execution all the tasks in the workflow, the client can easily choose a best predictive model fitting their failure tolerance. We have successfully applied DoM to six data sets, and identified valuables insights on the best practices of creating predictive model. Our clients have successfully achieved financial benefits by applying DoM to develop predictive maintenance schemes to their expensive equipment.


10 Dec 2020


Big Data 2020