NAACL 2021

Data Science with Human-in-the-Loop: Language Advances

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The 2nd Workshop on Data Science with Human-in-the-loop (DaSH) builds on the success of the inaugural workshop that took place at KDD in 2020. The current workshop (DaSH-LA) is co-located with NAACL-HLT 2021, and its focus is on human-in-the-loop aspects in computational linguistics and natural language processing (NLP). The aim of the DaSH-LA workshop is to stimulate research on human-computer interaction challenges in data science within the broad areas related to language, including but not limited to information extraction, text classification, machine translation, dialog systems, question answering, language generation, information retrieval, digital humanity, and more. We expect the overall series of the DaSH workshops to help develop and grow a strong community of researchers who are interested in this topic and to yield future collaborations and scientific exchanges across the relevant areas of computational linguistics, data mining, machine learning, data and knowledge management, humanmachine interaction, and user interfaces. The participants of the DaSH-LA workshop include researchers and practitioners interested in understanding how to optimize human-computer cooperation and how to minimize human effort along various NLP pipelines in a wide range of tasks and real-life applications. The full-day program includes two keynote talks (by Dan Weld and Joyce Chai), three regular sessions with 14 accepted papers, a special session with highlights from two recent papers with human-in-the-loop focus, as well as a panel of experts (including Danqi Chen, Joel Tetreault and the two keynote speakers). We would like to thank all people who in one way or another helped with the workshop. We are thankful to the members of the program committee who did an excellent job in reviewing the submitted papers under strict time constraints, and also to the steering committee for their helpful suggestions. Last but not least we would like to thank all authors, speakers and participants at the workshop.


06 Jun 2021


NAACL 2021