Journal of Crystal and Molecular Structure

Crystal and molecular structure of bis(acetylacetonato) nickel(II)diethanol

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The title compound, Ni(C5H7O2)2· (C2H5OH)2, crystallizes in the triclinic system with unit cell dimensions a = 8·923, b = 5·283, c = 9·522 Å, α = 81·4, β = 106·1 and γ = 103·3 °;Z= 1, space group P-1. The structure was solved by Fourier methods, and the 1557 three-dimensional counter diffraction intensity data (Cu Kα) were used in a least-squares refinement to a conventional unweighted R of 0·053. The nickel atom is surrounded by the four oxygen atoms of the two acetylacetone ligands and the two oxygen atoms of the ethanol molecules, forming a tetragonally-distorted octahedron with acetylacetone oxygen atoms at 1·997 and 2·026 Å and ethanol oxygen atoms at 2·140 Å. Parallel molecules are linked into columns along the b-axis by hydrogen bonds between the ethanol oxygen atom of one molecule and an acetylacetone oxygen atom of a neighboring molecule. © 1973 Plenum Publishing Company Limited.


01 Jul 1973


Journal of Crystal and Molecular Structure